Lawyer Studio legale Avvocato Piero Colle Udine Brescia

Registered with the Law Society in Udine, the lawyer Piero Colle mainly deals with criminal matters and industrial accidents, specializing more specifically in road injuries and the consequent in and out of court actions regarding personal damage, taking into consideration all aspects of compensation. He has experience in dealing with major National and International companies, as well as individual cases. He is particularly involved with legal issues regarding foreigners, and is registered with the Association of Lawyers who deal with the criminal legal aid cases covered by the state by the duty solicitor. He graduated from Bologna University, after which he specialized in criminal and International sectors, his thesis concerned Penitentiary rights under the supervision of Professor Massimo Pavarini and was entitled "The Evolution of the Concepts of Treatments of Penitentiary Reform". Piero Colle's main chambers are located in Udine, in Via Daniele Manin 18, other chambers in Brescia and Bologna.

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